What our parents say...

  • I just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely girls in Transition...every time he is dropped off they have been so great, engaging him in something that they know he enjoys or distracting him with diggers and dinosaurs!! It's been really helpful for me and I just wanted to thank them all for their kindness!
    (April 2017)
  • I have been very happy with Yellow Dot. He is happy and developing well, they are great at communicating with us and the transition to the toddler room went smoothly too. I have never regretted our decision to choose Yellow Dot Otterbourne
    D Silvester (December 2016)
  • I am so pleased with the care, support and development my child receives at Yellow Dot. His language and social skills are definitely enhanced by the setting and he is encouraged to drink from a cup and feed himself
    Emma (December 2016)
  • Osian is currently in the Transition room and since moving into his room in September he has really blossomed. I can't speak highly enough of the staff at Yellow Dot
    R Baker (December 2016)
  • I would like to praise the focused, positive and amazing child care that Yellow Dot Otterbourne provide for my child.
    E Collett (December 2016)
  • Henry loves it here at Yellow Dot Otterbourne and so do I.
    G Bennett (December 2016)
  • Thanks to all the staff for all your care at Yellow Dot. Isabel is so happy there and as a parent it makes a big difference knowing your child is in an environment so wonderful. I couldn't rate Yellow Dot Otterbourne high enough. It's excellent.
    M Cairley (December 2016)
  • We wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with Noah while he has been at Yellow Dot. We really appreciate the great line of communication you ensured we had. You do a great job!
    Kate and Ronhann (November 2016)
  • Thank you so much for making Gabriellas 4 years at Yellow Dot such a massive success and for helping create many happy memories. She first came to Otterbourne when the Nursery opened back in 2012. She’s had such excellent care.
    Gabbys Mum (November 2016)
  • Thank you so much for everything you have done for Amelia over the past 4 years. We will always be grateful to you for the care and kindness you have shown her, and for us to know that she has always been safe and loved in your care.
    From Rachel, Rowan, Amelia and Arthur (November 2016)
  • I've had so much fun during my time at Yellow Dot and love everyone here! I will miss you all but thanks to you I am ready and excited about starting school
    September 2017
  • Thank you for making Alexander's three years with you very happy. He will miss you all
    September 2017
  • I have really enjoyed my time in Kindergarten and I want to say a great big thank you for helping me to progress and develop throughout my time here
    September 2017
  • Bethany has had such a fantastic time in the Transition room, and that is down to your hard work and balanced approach to learning
    September 2017
  • Thank you for all the support and care you have given Isla in her time with you she will miss you all
    September 2017
  • Thank you all for looking after me, for teaching me lots of new things, having patience with meat meal times and giving me encouragement when I needed it!
    September 2017
  • Thank you for making my last year at yellow dot AMAZING!!
    September 2017
  • Thank you all for looking after me so well, I like playing best, especially in the mud kitchen and all the lovely toys
    September 2017
  • Thank you for all the love and care you have given Albie since he joined. He can't wait to start school, but looking forward to visiting when dropping grace off
    September 2017
  • Thank you for all the care and kindness you're given Imi, she will really miss you all
    September 2017
  • We just want to say a big thank you for all you have done for Rohan. He has spent some really lovely times at Yellow Dot Ampfield and will remember his time with you with great fondness as will we his parents.
    with much love, Rohan, Simon and Atusha (August 2017)
  • We are so grateful to you all for the help and support that you have given to Lottie. At home she constantly talks about nursery and this is due to the personal attention that you have given to her learning and development.
    Jon and Becky (August 2017)
  • Arthur has thrived since starting there. Thank you to all of them for giving him so much confidence in his first experience of childcare.
    Kate (August 2017)
  • You really are the best team, making such a difference to the lives of all the little ones in your care and their families. Thank you for the nativity it was BRILLIANT!
    Charlie and Orla (December 2016)
  • When I pick her up I am always delighted to see how well you know her and how happy she is with all of you.
    Best wishes, Jane, Paul, Freyja (November 2015)
  • Eric has had a wonderful time from the first day in Baby room till the last day in Kindergarten. We would like to thank you all very much to make this part of Eric's growing up so wonderful and to give him a good start in life.
    Sam, Keith and Eric (November 2015)
  • Wonderful transition staff! Thank you so much for taking care of Ivy over the past year. It has made my return to work so much easier and she will miss you a lot!
    Caroline, Ben, Ivy and Joe (November 2015)
  • Thank you for looking after Hattie so well and so kindly since she came to Yellow Dot at the start of this year.
    (November 2015)
  • You all work so hard and the contribution you make is huge. Orla is the person she is because she feels loved and valued by everyone at home and at Nursery.
    Lots of love, Analie and Orla (November 2015)
  • Thank you for helping to shape the beautiful and kind little girl that I love and cherish, without you in her life she would not be the little girl she is today
    August 2017
  • On dropping off she has always been happy to go to any member of staff. A clear testament that all the staff get to know ALL the children
    August 2017
  • On collection she is always full of her different activities and experiences you have given her and her friends
    August 2017
  • As a first time Mum I was extremely anxious about leaving my child with people I didn't know. Our initial visits and conversations with staff put my mind at ease
    August 2017
  • Thank you for the care and education you have given Fleur since she was 11 months old, words cannot express how grateful I am
    August 2017
  • I was really impressed with the way that children are allowed to "think" for themselves and decide what they want to do whilst still being guided towards their individual learning goals.
    April 2017
  • a huge thank you to you all for your kindness and reassurance, and for making Joshua's start at nursery go so smoothly. It has put my mind at rest knowing that he is happy and enjoying his time with you.
    November 2016
  • To all the staff at Yellow Dot, Thank you for making my time here so special. Lots of love
    Lucy and Steve January 2017
  • To everyone at Yellow Dot, I can believe Lucy is actually leaving! She has been through all the rooms at Yellow Dot since you first opened. Every member of staff has been fantastic at whatever stage of Lucy’s development. Thank you again, I know she will miss you all but also can’t wait to go to big school.
    Thank you, Richard, Alison, Lucy and Charlie (November 2016)
  • Thank you for all your hard work! It's so nice seeing Noah's confidence grow, and him enjoying his time with you.
    (November 2016)
  • A huge thank you to you all for making Aaeyan's time at Yellow Dot a memorable experience. I can confidently boast that Aaeyan has had the best start here at Yellow Dot Chilworth and you have all been marvellous.
    (November 2016)
  • Thank you for looking after Amelia so well! She has had the most wonderful few Years at Yellow Dot Chilworth and it has been incredible to see how she has developed and grown in confidence.
    Glen, Emily, Amelia and Finley (November 2016)
  • Thank you so much for looking after Emily so well during her time in the Baby Room. Em has clearly enjoyed herself and Nic and I have felt very reassured by all the time and care you have given Emily. Thank you for making her time with you fun!
    Kate, Nic and Emily (November 2016)
  • Thank you so much for making our experience at Yellow Dot Nursery so wonderful. We’ve had an amazing time in Kindergarten and loved all the playing, stories, games, muddy play, drawing, puzzles, food and snacks and most of all wearing you all out! We won’t forget you!
    Luca and Jake (November 2016)
  • It is with real sadness that we say good bye to you all, a massive thank you to you all for the guidance, love and support that you have shown both Maiya and Elliott over the years, (not to mention to us as parents!),
    Fran, Richard, Maya and Elliot (November 2016)
  • Many thanks for the last 6 years looking after Nela and Stasio. They have been very lucky to go to such a great nursery. We have really appreciated it.
    Anna and Adam (November 2016)
  • Thank you very much for all your help over the years. We can’t imagine our kids being as happy anywhere else.
    Sofia, Sono and family (November 2016)
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work to help make Yellow Dot Eastleigh such a warm, welcoming and nurturing place. I couldn't have hoped for a better pre-school for Daisy! Thanks also for taking her to Forest Schools and taking such an interest in her learning and being so supportive! She loved it!
    Catherin, Graham and Daisy (November 2016)
  • Thank you for all of your hard work, patience, kindness, care and expertise over the past 5½ years! Beth, William and Iris flourished at Yellow Dot. They've had superb key workers and been cared for by lovely caring staff who've made learning fun and helped them to grow into confident, considerate and creative little people. Your dedication and warm professionalism are outstanding and your always there for the children and parents alike.
    Stacey and Tom (November 2016)
  • Anjeli and Yohan have had an amazing and fulfilling time at Yellow Dot. This first experience will remain imprinted in their minds. Yellow Dot provided them with a great enriching environment and they could also benefit from going out of the Nursery which hugely added to their experience. We wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to you. From all the time we have known you; you have always remained patient, kind, professional and above all had a listening ear for Anjeli. We felt like you have been like a close family. You will be dearly missed.
    Wanda and Teenen (November 2016)
  • Thank you for all looking after me so well for the past 3 and a half years….I’ve loved every room and had so much fun at “Dot Nursery” but I’m very excited about starting big School now!
    September 2019
  • We want to thank you all very much for all the care and support you have given Freya from Babies through to Kindergarden. Freya has thrived since being at nursery and is so ready now for Big School – thanks to you all
    September 2019
  • Thank you for taking time to understand me and teaching me lots of different things. You have helped me get ready for my next new journey at School and I am really looking forward to it!
    September 2019
  • Thank you for looking after me I’ve loved being in Kindergarden and will miss you all!
    September 2019
  • Just wanted to say a massive ‘Thank You!’ for all the love and effort you’ve put into making our daughters early years so special. It’s been amazing watching her bloom under your care.
    September 2019
  • I would like to thank you for looking after me for the last 4 years, especially helping me with my speech which I had hearing issues. You have taught me how to be independent, and I have learnt a lot through play. I have made a lot of lifelong friends which I will stay in touch with too. I have loved coming to nursery every day. I am looking forward to going to School in September, and I thank you for helping me prepare for when I start.
    September 2019
  • Thank you so much for looking after Eleanor for the past 7 months. It amazes us every day to see how much she is changing and learning and I am sure a big part of that is down to the activities and fantastic staff at Yellow Dot, so thank you
    September 2017
  • Amelia has really come out of her shell since she started. It's been lovely seeing her engaged at nursery after a rather shaky start. Thank you for your patience, perseverance and care
    September 2017
  • Thank you for taking such great care of Archie in his first year at nursery. We have noticed such a positive change in Archie's development and am really pleased you could help him grow into the bright boy he is now
    September 2017
  • Thank you so much for your kindness and for making Clara so welcome for her first experience of nursery. Thank you too for filling her days with fun, laughter and mess!
    September 2017
  • On behalf of Eddie we would like to thank you so much for looking after Eddie over the last 7 months. He has really blossomed during this time and it is all down to the care, support and fun you have shown him since he joined
    September 2017
  • Louise thank you so much for everything you have done for Amelia whilst she’s been in the baby room. You’ve been the one constant for her and seeing how comfortable she was with you from the start made it so much easier to leave in those early days when she struggled to adapt
    September 2017
  • We would really like to thank you for all your wonderful care, guidance and memories that you’ve given Ralph over the last year
    September 2017
  • We really appreciate the patience you have shown her. Thank you for showing an interest in all the things she brings in
    September 2017
  • Thank you so much for the safe, fun, creative and brilliant space you have provided for William
    September 2017
  • Thank you for making my time at nursery so special for the cuddles and the giggles; for hiding Henry the hoover in the cupboard and cooking my dairy free meals in Babies; and for the trips out, the songs we sang, for the toilet training and all gardening. I will miss you all very much
    September 2017
  • Thanks so much for providing a safe, fun and educational place for Carys to grow
    September 2017
  • Thank you all very much for making Kate's time in the baby room so positive; we will really miss seeing you all every day!
    August 2017
  • You have all helped us to feel so confident about leaving our daughter with you; knowing that you really care for her
    August 2017
  • You're doing a challenging job; we appreciate that you always greet us with a smile and are excited to see K. This makes a huge difference!
    August 2017
  • Excellent team in Kindergarten very friendly and supportive
    August 2017
  • Keep doing what your doing– I think you're all doing an excellent job. You’ve been fantastic with our school transition, thank you
    August 2017
  • Thank you so much for making Cody's kindergarten experience so fun. She will miss you all!
    Fran, Liam, Cody and Daray (November 2016)
  • Thank you very much for making my time at Yellow Dot fun and a great place to learn. Thank you all for looking after me.
    Love Ashton (November 2016)
  • I can't thank you enough for everything you have all done for Tyler over the years. He will miss you all and will take all his lovely memories with him, as he starts school.
    Kayleigh and Taylor (November 2016)
  • Thank you for taking such good care of Dylan during his time at Yellow Dot. He has had great fun with you and it has given him a great foundation for school.
    With thanks, Dylan and his family (November 2016)
  • Ava is ready for her next adventure at school and I'm sure she will embrace it as well as she has taken to nursery. Thank you for playing a part in her development.
    September 2017
  • Thank you for the help in the part you played in helping Isla develop and grow as an individual. She has loved her time at Yellow Dot especially 'nature nursery'
    September 2017
  • We would like to offer you all our thanks. Thank you for your support and help with both children over the last few years. We have appreciated the dedication of all the staff and always felt we were leaving them in the best care.
    September 2017
  • Thank you so much for looking after me, playing with me and making my time at Yellow Dot so much fun. I will miss you all very much but will tell you all about big school when I come to collect my brother.
    September 2017
  • Samuel has loved his time at Yellow dot and Kindergarten in particular. He is going to miss you all.
    September 2017
  • A massive thank you. We have valued the support, care & excellent communication we have had for such an important part of her life. We will miss you
    August 2017
  • We will miss all the smiles. 'It takes a village to raise a child'; Thank you for being our village you awesome bunch!
    August 2017
  • We cannot thank you enough for all the help, care, support, guidance that you have given Riley and Lily over the years
    August 2017
  • Our children have blossomed in your care and we will be forever grateful for the fabulous start that you have given their learning and development
    Rachel and Steve (August 2017)
  • Vicky and her team are fantastic! Teddy has done so well since starting in Toddlers—thank you :)
    (November 2016)
  • We are thrilled with the care, program and facilities provided at North Baddesley. 100% satisfied thank you :)
    (November 2016)
  • Jack has had a super(hero) time at Yellow Dot. Thank you to everyone who has helped look after him, his confidence has grown so much since being with you. Jack looks forward to coming in and showing you his school uniform. From Rachel, Dave and Jack of course
    (November 2016)
  • There are no words to express out gratitude to your wonderful Nursery. A big thank you to all the staff!
    (November 2016)
  • Thank you for looking after Zack and helping him grow into the happy little boy that he is. He has enjoyed his time at North Baddesley and made some lovely friends. He will miss you all.
    (November 2016)
  • To all at Yellow Dot, Putting your precious child into childcare is a daunting and scary process for both child and parent, the staff at Yellow Dot made the transition from home to pre-school easy. Thank you for helping Belle settle and grow. She is such a caring bright little girl. Thank you for giving us peace of mind knowing that out child was safe and happy.
    Love from Julie and Phil (November 2016)