Music at Yellow Dot

Music at Yellow Dot is a large part of our children's day at Nursery. We sing and beat rhythms in all sorts of situations, when we say Hello to each other, we are playing, having a celebration or even on a walk to the woods!

As well as being joyful and fun, there is science behind the huge impact music has in building relationships as well as enhancing early brain development. Music supports your child to recall, feel, play and listen! Just remember the colours, numbers, vocabulary and actions in the songs from your childhood.

We have a dedicated Team Member, Rachel, who leads our team of Music Ambassadors within Yellow Dot. Rachel and our Music Ambassadors support our Nursery Nurses to enrich all our children's lives with different music. Rachel visits each Nursery on a rotational basis, delivering quality group music sessions, developing the experiences for the children depending on their interests and next steps, as well as training our childcare practitioners.

We train our practitioners to lead regular music and rhyme sessions as well as threading music throughout Nursery life, we occasionally invite in our parents for music time too! Ask any Yellow Dot child who has been with us a little while and they will soon sing "Bangedy, Bang, Bang" to you, along with the actions.

As well as the support of Hampshire Music service, Boogie Mites and an African drummer, our children encounter a broad genre of music, games, movement and opportunities to create their own 'instruments' with the most imaginative of objects, and of course they compose their own tunes too! Music forms a large part of the Froebelian philosophy, Froebel developed 'Mother Songs' a form of musical communication based on the intimacy of the parent/child relationship. These action songs connect movement, rhythm, rhyme and learning. Lots of the lullabies and rhymes we sing today originated in this way - 'Pat-a-cake', 'round and round the garden' and '5 currant buns' are just a few examples. At Yellow Dot we incorporate all music genres throughout the Nursery day and hope that we are also supporting the music in your child's home.

Music is incorporated in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and this flows across all the areas of learning. We are always looking for new musical experiences for our children so if you are a parent or grandparent with something to share please do let your Nursery Manager know!

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