“You never let go”

There is no school for the children on a Sunday, however James does run his church from the school. We went along as guests this morning and wow what an experience. We noticed that lots of the children from the school attend the church and we were impressed with the singing and dancing that a group of the girls performed! We had many local pastors come and speak to the congregation and before we knew it we had been there for over three hours! We all enjoyed joining in, dancing to all the very lively music, and Shirley spoke some very powerful words explaining how much support we give them at the school back in the UK, and how we all raised money to build the new school and that we will continue to support them with the education that they are providing. She quoted some great song lyrics that had the whole congregation on their feet from the song “You never let go” to remind them that no matter what happens in life God is always there for them. The congregation all prayed for us for the work we do which was quite emotional. Carolyn found her friend from last year who came up and sat on her lap again and fell asleep. Her name is Anikah and she goes to the Yellow Dot day care.
After church we all went back to James and Alice’s house, where they had prepared us a lovely meal after a long morning that we all enjoyed. We had a selection of beef and chicken, rice, salsa, cabbages  and chapattis. Alice is now eight months pregnant and was telling all of us about the cost of care needed when having a baby, and we heard some very sad stories of what happens to mothers and babies if they cannot afford this care.
Once we were full, Shirley had some dresses to give the children that Alice and James foster, made from pillow cases. All the children were very pleased with their dresses and we also found new shoes for most of the children in their home. We took the face paints along with us this afternoon and Hayley spent some time painting flowers on all the girls faces. After that Sarah and Carolyn gave all the children visiting the house after church, a small colouring book and a pack of pencils to take home with them.
We have also managed to work out figures for the cost of breakfast for all the nursery children. To feed around 100 children breakfast will cost £5 a day. We are planning a trip to the food market with Alice on Tuesday to start the breakfast project off. We’re hoping to buy enough to provide the breakfast for a whole term. We will also be buying materials for school uniforms, and looking at costs of 5 new tables for the day care class in the nursery.