Wow what a day!

Another busy day at the school started with counting up all the collections that were so generously donated by all our Yellow Dot parents and team. This is what we collected:-
Toothbrushes 217
Toothpaste 137
Calpol 60 bottles
Nappy cream 50
Teething gels 13
Colouring pens and pencils and chalks189packs
Colouring books 21
Pencils 45 packs
Pencil sharpeners/rubbers/rulers 74
Note pads 32
Pens 12 packs
Stickers 10 packs
Other medicines 11
Soap and sponges 8
Baby bottles and teats 8
Toys and games 47
Tape and string 4
Story books 6
Shoes 40 pairs
All the above was very much appreciated by the school.
After this we spent some more time in the nursery classes and asked to see the teachers teaching.
Baby class teacher – Saline
All the children were sat at tables and the teacher was at the front teaching with a stick in her hand pointing at things and children. She started by saying welcome and the children repeating. She then Asked them to say the Days of week and whether they were a Girl or boy. Next she did letters and their sounds and pictures, Rhyme with colours,Naming fruits and Colours. She Worked with lots of pictures she had drawn on sacks. She then sang a Number song to Tommy thumb. “Number 1 number 1 where are you here I am here I am how do you do”.She then did recognising and naming numbers she had written on the blackboard making children put up hands to answer. Children will move on to this class from day care at the age of three, to progress further each child will take exams and this decides if they are promoted to the next class.
Middle class teacher – Jackline
This class were doing simple sums on the blackboard. 1+2 = 2+2=. The Children were asked to come up and do the sums on the board. When they got it right the children sang a well done song to them. All children were keen to get up and have a go. They were working out how to do the sums by drawing circles under the numbers and counting the circles. They then sang a number song. ” I am number 1 i am number I have come to dance dancing in the middle dancing in the middle and then I run away and then I run away”. The Teacher wrote some sums on the board and gave the children books to write sums in. Teacher Jackline showed us her planning weekly and daily. In their books the children write the date, day, class and name of the school before doing the work.
Final class teacher – Mildred. youngest 5, oldest 10
This class started with saying the days of the week. What is the day today?  What was the day yesterday? What is the day tomorrow? They then named all the vowels. On the board the teacher wrote sentences with missing words starting with a vowel. The children had to say the missing word. “An” if the next word starts with a vowel or “a” if the next word starts with a consonant. Children stand to do activity. When she asks them to sit they say thank you teacher. The Teacher then rubbed of answers and got the children to come up and do the answers. All clap and sing a song of well done. Every day they do a health check on the children to make sure they are well, their clothes are clean and finger nails cut.
Once the children stopped for lunch we went with Alice to the local food market, we were able to buy maze, millet and  surgun to make a porridge type mix for breakfast for the nursery children. We also got some rice, beans and green lentils for lunch that C4C paid  for! All together we had six 80kg bags that we loaded onto a tuc tuc. We then went into the town and got some rolls of the materials they use to make their school uniform.