We are shopped out!

Today has all been about shopping, as I type this both of us are shattered. In Kenya you work very hard to negiotiate a price, as soon as they see a white person they treble the price. We took tips from Alice and Paul and in the end got some very good deals. We used our womanly charm!

What we want to support the school with is developing the skills of everyone, bring in involvement of the community and provide a means for income for the school. One way we want to achieve this is to.provide sewing machine so we can set up a club. This morning we went to town to buy them. The shop we went into was full of boxes and we got invited into a back room. He showed us boxes and told us they were here, we had to ask him to get them out for us to.see, it was a very laid back shopping style. After Alice demonstarted her outstanding skills of neogiating we purchased these with the help of Yellow Dot parents generosity. We were also able.to.purchase the school a camera so we could be kept up to date of developments when we leave.

We were also able to get fabrics and other tayloring equipment to help make uniforms for the children. They are not allowed to come to school unless they have uniform and their hair shaven or braided. This is because they then look the same and to try and mauntain some hygiene.

The afternoon involved more shopping where we were purchasing things for.us and things to.take to the yellow.dot nurseries. Our bartaring skills came into play and we struck some good deals for things that we could use to embrace the African Culture when we return to England.

Hi all you Yellow Dotters, this is Paul. As i write this we are in the middle of a tropicak thunderstorm. Shirley and I would like you to know that Charlotte and Maryanne have settled in amaxingly well into the Kenyan lifestyle, so much so that I am beginning to wonder if they will return to the uk. They certainly are enjoying the maneyarta lifestyle of the Kenyan. Seriously though they are great ambassadors for the Yellow Dot Nurseries and all the children love them (that my drinks sorted out of the rest of the trip) handing back to Charlotte now, signing off Paul. P.S if you are in Chandlers Ford or Romsey please do.take time.to.visit our Asante coffee shops.

Please do excuse all he spelling errors in this blog. We are typing it on a small tablet!!!