Water fun

Today we couldn’t wait for lunch time to produce our cups, sippy cups and jugs to the children that we bought yesterday. I honestly wish you could have seen their VERY happy faces when we explained that they will each have their own cup and meal times and they can pour themselves water throughout the day, the amazement and excitement was priceless. We set up the tables using their new silver spoons, cups, sippy cups and jugs for them. During lunch time they sat at the tables holding onto their cups and happily drank all of their water and we offered them more water showing them how to pour from the jug and encouraging them to help themselves.

After lunch we unpacked our 4 suitcases full of things that YD parents kindly donated – again a HUGE THANK YOU for this as it makes such a difference. We are excited for the children to actually see and use different coloured pens and pencils and chalks. We also had 3 footballs given to us from the Asante Coffee Shop. We gave Teacher Selvin a football to go and share with the Day Care children. She was very excited and had so much fun. We watched them playing different games with the ball, all sharing really nicely and waiting for their turn. The reaction of having a football to play with was amazing!

In the afternoon, we went to the food market to buy food for the nursery that will last for the next 2 months. This consisted of rice, beans, maize and corn. The school use the same lady called Linda who is very faithful. The market is full of natural fruit that grows locally it is very busy and chaotic and lots and lots of flies. Linda offered us fresh watermelon which was delicious and very refreshing in the heat and then gave us half the watermelon to bring back with us to our hotel.

Today was a cooler day in Kisumu, 29 degrees which the Kenyans think it is cold and most are wearing jumpers and long trousers. When the weather changes the children don’t attend school as much as they get sick very easily – mostly chest infections (by the sounds of it). Due to the heavy storm we had last night, which put the hotel in darkness and we had to eat our dinner in the dark, some children didn’t attend Day Care due to the dampness. We were very relived it was slightly cooler today.

This afternoon, the day care children began exploring a large container of water out in the playground (this was the container filled with water for hand washing). Water play is not something provided for the children normally due to the cost. Usually, the children wonder the playground which has not a single resource to play with so you can imagine the excitement and the fun that they had with this. We need not say alot as the pictures say it all! 

We have the weekend off this weekend and going to explore the Kenyan surroundings. We hope that you have a lovely weekend and have enjoyed reading the blog this week.

More to come next week………