Shop shop shop

After spending time in the nursery and doing an audit on what they have and what they need we went shopping today. All the toys we bought for the nursery last year are still being used every day and the children love them so we thought it would be a good idea to get some more, especially as there are only 7 children in day care at the moment and they can take 20. In the garden the boys love to play football but they only have a make shift ball made up of lots of plastic bags. When we checked on the sewing machines they are all still there and being used but the one they need most which has an overlock they have to rent at 6000shillings a month. The sewing machines are necessary to make the school uniforms. If we bought the sewing machine they needed they would save this money every month and they would be able to sell one of the other machines.
Our first shop was into town for the sewing machine. We were able to by one for 32000 shillings. We stopped off at Kens coffee shop in the town afterwards for a quick drink before we carried on.
We then went to Mega City supermarket and bought some more toys for the day care. We bought:-

Mega blocks
2 Inset puzzles
Phonics puzzle
2 puzzles with domestic animals and emergency vehicles
Soft balls that rattle
Items for the treasure basket

We also bought a football for them to play with in the garden.
After a short break back at the hotel we went to the Massai market. Here we bought more items to take back to our nurseries. We tried to buy items that were Froebel. All of the things sold on the market are hand made by the stall holder. They are sat on their stalls making the items. We did barter with them for the items we bought which is very hard knowing the hours of work that must go into making the items.
Tomorrow is the last day of school for the children, they have a two week break. To celebrate the end of term exams that the whole school have been taking they have a presentation morning. All the children and their parents are invited to attend and then awards are given to the highest scoring pupils plus a veriatey of other awards. We are all looking forward to attending as this seems a great way to end our trip.