Presentation day 2016

The school term ended yesterday so they had a presentation day at the school today. We arrived at the school at about 10.30 this morning and sorted out some prizes from the collections we had take over. Prizes were awarded for the top 3 pupils in each class. There are 11 classes in the school altogether so we had to organise 33 prizes.
We then went into the large classroom for the presentation to begin. All the children and a lot of parents were in there waiting. First all the teachers stood and and introduced themselves then the microphone was passed around to all the parents to introduce themselves and say the name of their teacher and what class they are in. We were all introduced to the parents. Next we were given some entertainment where the children danced for us. They had made use of the face paints we brought over by painting yellow dots all over their bodies. They also pulled us up to dance with them.
After the entertainment they started speeches. All the teachers, the head teacher, the administrator (Alice), the manager (James) and Paul made speeches. The teachers mainly talking about making sure they send their children to school in the correct uniform and supply their children with books, pens and toilet paper. Also they explained about the importance of paying their school fees and on time.
It was then time to do the presentations. The top 3 children in each class were called up and we presented them with their prizes. Number 1 was given a Yellow Dot bag, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a pencil with rubber, a pencil sharpeners and some colouring pencils. Number 2 got toothbrush and toothpaste, pencil with rubber and a pencil sharpener and number 3 got a note book, pencil with rubber and pencil sharpener.
After the presentation we took lots of photos of us with the nursery children outside the day care nursery and handed balloon out to the children. They were really excited about these right from the small children to the oldest ones.
We then came back to the hotel at about 3.30 to prepare for our long journey home.