Our First Post!

Welcome to our blog! We hope that we can keep this updated during our visit so you can follow us on our adventure.

Maryanne and I have been around all the nurseries to do a circle time in Kindergarten. We did some African dancing, sang an African nursery rhyme and shared some pictures of the nursery out in Kenya. We left them with a task of making resources and games for us to take out to the children!

All the Kindergarten children have been busy colouring in goats and chickens,  the hope is that Yellow Dot families and the Yellow Dot team will put money towards purchasing these animals. Maryanne and I can take the money out with us to Kenya and buy goats and chickens from  the markets, we can then give these to many families in need. The cost of a chicken is £3.50 and a goat is £15. 

We are also looking for toiletries to take out with us; toothpaste, paracetamol, toothbrushes, soap. Stationery will be helpful too; crayons, pens, notepads. We are very grateful for everything we recieve.

Only 8 days before we leave!! We have both been vacinnated for all kinds of things, we have our malaria tablets, it is just the insect repellant and the sun cream to go!!

At the end of the week we hope to see what lovely things have been made by all the Kindergartens for the children out in Kenya and to see how many chickens and goats we have managed to sell. We will keep you posted.