Maryanne’s thoughts and thanks

Wow, just reading the last blog that Charlotte and I did, it feels like yesterday we where there.

Tomorrow we embark on this journey again, I have packed, unpacked and packed again. As I was sitting packing my heart felt so overwhelmed by the generosity of all then parents, children and staff, my 2 big suitcases are full to the top with toothbrushes, stationary, toothpaste, paracetamol and bike repair kits, my other suitcase is full with shoes, this is something we did last year at YD, my hand luggage is what I have had to put my clothes in for the duration we are there!!
I am excited to be sharing this experience with Carolyn and Steph, this is a first for them and I’m  sure it will be a memorable one.
Our project for when we are out there is to help start a 0-2 year old nursery. All the Yellow Dots did some fundraising, the money we raised has been changed into Kenyan shillings and we are taking it with us, we will be going to the market and personally equipting the nursery….photos will follow. We will also be based at the nursery school every day to give our knowledge and experience to the staff there and bring back the experience we learnt from them. Making bonds with the children and staff and the community is key, as this is something we have learnt from Yellow Dot, building up that trust and security is what every child needs.

I would personally like to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has helped raised the funds and for all the things that you kindly donated, I know it will make a difference to the children in kisumu. Also a big thank you for those staff in the nurseries and YDK who helped with the fundraising, I know it was a short time scale….but YOU DID A FAB JOB!

I hope you enjoy our blog and keep checking everyday to enjoy this amazing journey with us.