Making the Magic

On arrival this morning we were very delighted to see the children already engaged in activities that were set out on each indivual table both inside and outside. We feel we have made a lot of progress with Teacher Selvin and Teacher Celin and this is proving to be consistent within the Day Care.
During the morning we asked Peter (the handyman) to secure some pegs in the Day Care for the childrens belongings, which he did very quickly! All the children and team were extremely happy with this and have already been using them throughout the day. Little things like this make such a difference to their everyday routine and has already given them a sense of belonging, which we value.
Throughout the morning the children were happily engaged and the older children enjoyed using the writing table to form both letters and numbers. Each one of them got excited to show us when they had finished, demonstrating a sense of pride in their work!
Whilst the children were engaged we had time to talk with Teacher Selvin and Teacher Celin about Making the Magic. We explained that this was our Yellow Dot values and exactly what we strive to be. Both Teachers showed an interest and were asking lots of question about the booklet. We explained that some things may be slightly different due to certain culture differences however Making the Magic creates a positive enviroment for both the children and team and this is the message we want to achive for the Day Care. Teacher Selvin and Teacher Celin will be focusing on embedding this in the next couple of weeks. We look forward to hearing about their progress.
Early afternoon the cupboard arrived, much excitement in the air!!! We took time to organise it, demonstrating to the team how it should be accessible for both them and the children throughout the day. We hope that this will implement more free flow access and allow children to choose resources and be encouraged to return them.
Its lovely to see the changes already and over our last few days we will be working on transitioning times and how changes can happen throughout the day.