It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later

Today was our last day at the Life Centre School. We arrived with happy children all waving and calling out our names, their faces lit up with big smiles which makes us realise what a great bond we have built with them over the last 3 weeks. 
This morning we made our rounds to each class and said goodbye to all of the teachers and children and to thank them for such a welcoming experience.
The children in Day Care were the hardest to say goodbye to, they have certainly captured our hearts in so many ways and we know that we have made such a difference to their lives in just the 3 short weeks we have been here.

These past 3 weeks have been challenging at times (language and culutre) but so rewarding to see the difference and progress both they and we have made. It amazes us how in 3 weeks you can make such a difference to a child’s life, it has certainly taught us never to take anything for granted again. We have had an eye opening 3 weeks which has not only opened our eyes but also our hearts. Our hearts feel very heavy leaving Kisumu, but knowing that we have made a change and had a postive impact to not only the childrens lives but the teachers and other people we have met through our stay is so rewarding.
Kisumu is a community where there is always a happy feeling, a welcoming place where they treat you with all with alot of respect.

We have made many fond memories, have had lots of laughs, have sometimes found it hard to believe what we are seeing at times (African toilets!) and have made lots of new friends who will continue to grow in our hearts, not forgetting the children who we wish for each and everyone of them to succeed in life. Its hard to belive we leave tomorrow after this being our ‘home’ for 3 weeks. We have been very well looked after by everyone that we have come into contact with, however we are looking forward to seeing our family on our return and sharing our experiences with all of you on our return.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us, you have been supportive and encouraged us in all of your lovely comments.