It’s all about giving

After 13 hours of sleep we feel much more alive, and ready to tackle today’s challenges.
It was a slow start, due to “Kenyan time”, 2 tuc tuc’s, 1 big car was ordered to take all of our luggage to the school and us. Once we got to the nursery we unloaded our suitcases onto the “carpet” and looked at all the things that have been donated by all the parents of Yellow Dot, we were overwhelmed by the generosity and couldn’t be more thankful for everything you donated.
We unpacked it all and put them into piles and counted what we brought with us….
Paracetamol= 79 packs + 2 big bags
Erasers = 13
Packs of pencils = 50
Plasters = 21 packs
First aid kits = 2
Vaseline = 29
Packs of pens = 28 (total about 200 individual)
Bike repair kits = 31
Toothpaste = 98
Soap = 29
Yellow dot bags = 77 ( kindly donated by Jane)
Crayons = 37 packs
Felt tips = 11 packs
Rulers = 3
Toothbrushes = 289 ( yes you read that right)

and now we ask ourselves how we managed to get that all in our suitcases and carry them!
We then unpacked the shoes that we all brought over, these shoes were collected over the summer last year by Yellow Dot Parents. We didn’t manage to count them but have taken a picture of them. We discussed how the shoes will be used, and have come to an agreement with Alice that they will be sold by the school so that the profit they make will come back to the school, which is what the long term goal is for the nursery to be self sufficient.

Carolyn, Steph and I stayed at the nursery for the day, we made plans with Alice regarding equipmenting the nursery, we talked about the essentials and what does the nursery really need to begin with, as what our needs are, are very different to what their needs are here. We then plan to go “window shopping” to try and see the best deals and then go next week to buy. We want to make sure that the money is being well spent and for the right reasons.

We spent time with the children in the afternoon. They were excited to see us and all wanted to hold our hands, touch our skin and commenting how soft we were. They played big ring games outside in the heat, it was nice to see the teachers interacting with the children, as the last time Charlotte and Maryanne did notice that the children were left to entertain themselves a lot. We got summoned to take over and teach the children some English games that we play/sing. We taught them, tiny turtle, 5 speckled frogs, along came Mr Wolf and the Hokey Cokey!!

Our luxury lift arrived and brought us back to the hotel, we

re we had a swim to cool down and reflect on our day.