Humble experience

After having a good nights rest, we woke up feeling fresh and excited to start our day.
We arrived at the Church (which is situated at the school in one of the classrooms) and could hear the singing from outside, straight away it gave us goosebumps. We were greeted and made to feel very welcome and had front seats as we were the ‘guests of honour’.
During the service (which was 3 hours long!!) children come and go and the Kenyan people arrive at any time and join in. It is a very laid back environment, even the singers and Pastor had their phones in their hands when performing during the service.
We watched the children sing and dance, and WOW they can move! We then got called up and had to dance, to which i think it was more of entertainment for the community, they had their phones out videoing us with huge grins. To say the least we were extremely hot, with a temperature of 35 degrees outside and we are in a iron shack!
After the service, James, took us to each classroom and talked through all the recent developments and improvements. Later we talked through what plans we have in place while we are here and what outcomes they would like to achieve.

James drove us around the local area, we stopped at the rubbish site. James told us the story of how he finds children looking through the rubbish for food or materials to sell. We could see some people on the top of the rubbish dump searching for things. James encourages the children who he finds there to attend school and get their one meal a day as well as an education which helps them to return to their home as their parents are able to look after them knowing they have eaten at least once during the day. There were also huge vultures on the rubbish tip, and we mean huge!!

Today was a humble experience, and was nice to get to know some of the children who attend the school. Tomorrow we are looking forward to spending quality time with teachers and look at their ECD (Early Childhood development) which is the equivalent of our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).