Hayley’s reflection 2016

I feel so fortunate to have been selected to visit the life centre school in Kisumu, I have been truly inspired by the positive attitude of every adult and child I met whilst in the school.

My personal highlight of the trip was teaching the adults how to make the play dough and seeing their enthusiasm and excitement of learning something new. All the children reacted in the same way and their faces lit up with fascination when we handed out the dough. Every child and adult in the room spent time exploring the dough and showing each other the different models they could make. The thought of something that’s so simple and so readily available to us in nurseries here, bringing this level of excitement was a great thing to witness.

After the first day I felt truly humbled by how warm and welcoming each and every person had been towards us and how proud they were to show us what they had learnt, even though each person faces a daily struggle that we in the UK couldn’t even imagine.

I was amazed to see how the day care had transformed from the teams visit last year and it was great to spend so much time with the children in the day care. They all got stuck straight in with the sensory pouches and were also very keen to make their own sensory bottles that they then spent the next 30 minutes or so exploring. I was impressed at how quickly the children picked up the actions and some words to nursery rhymes that we sung to them, within a couple of times of hearing a song every child there was having a go and joining in.

I loved absorbing the local atmosphere and getting to know and understand the culture that we would be part of for the week.

The day James showed us the dump site where it had all started was hard to comprehend. I can only imagine how hard both James and Alice have work with the support of the Asante coffee shop and now yellow dot to create the fantastic nursery and school that ranks in the top three for the region! I’m proud to have been a part of that and I want to continue supporting the school and nursery

I hope that James and Alice continue to keep us updated with the development and progress of the children at the nursery and school.