Today was all about giving. We asked Alice and James a few weeks ago to identify a family that we could buy a goat and a chicken for. This is a gift to the family to help support them and give them milk and eggs for the future. We asked James and Alice if it could be a child from the Day Care.

Over the last couple of weeks we have identified a boy called Ryan. Ryan has cerebal palsy, he is 2 and a half. He is bright, happy and full of smiles. He engages with everything and is extremely strong and very determined. He is very fond of us and always comes to us to help him up to walk, all he wants to do is be on his feet, but unfortunately he does not have that strength yet and needs support. Currently, Ryan crawls on the hard floor and hard ground outside. We have become quiet attached to Ryan, he just melts our hearts when his face lights up when we arrive and comes over as quickly as he can. He loves to laugh and play  – yes he has us wrapped! He is one of 6 siblings, Ryan being the youngest.

Today we wanted to give our gift and Ryans family were the chosen ones. We went to the local animal market to pick our goat and chicken. We named the goat Florence :-). We then walked through the slums to visit Ryan and his mum at their house, they greeted us with open arms and were very surprised about their gifts. Ryan and his family live in a mud hut that consist of one tiny room which is half divided into a sleeping area and sitting area and the older children sleep in the ‘kitchen’ area at night on a bamboo mat. We also gave Ryan a Yellow Dot balloon which he was extremely delighted with (see photo). We have also enquired about a walking frame for Ryan, which we will get a quote for it tomorrow. This will be such a tremendous help for Ryan and his family and will enable Ryan to be more independent and to able to access the whole Day Care environment. We know that Ryan will love this and will enjoy having a lot more freedom and to feel more part of the group.

While walking in the slums it was very eye opening and made us realise how lucky we are with our lives back in the UK and how we take lots of things for granted. This includes things like electricity, running water, toilets and washing and cooking facilities. Although, the Kisumu community is a very close knit community who support each other with everything, including sharing food! They have so little but are so giving.