First day in Africa

13 bags, 7 hand luggage, 6 handbags and 1 manbag…… And we didn’t lose a single thing.

After a very long journey we have arrived in Kisumu, we have not slept and are all feeling it now.
We quickly put our bags away and had a quick change and freshen up and then we went to the nursery school and  primary school. Carolyn and Steph experienced their first tuc tuc ride, and what an experience that was for them, they quickly learnt that there are no road laws, people drive on the pavement, and holes the size of meteors!

We were greeted by all the nursery children lined up at the gate ready for our greeting. As the gates opened they all sang to us….we found this emtional but very welcoming. It was lovely to see their faces lightening up as we shook their hands and gave them a smile. We were quickly hurried to the new kitchen area which Yellow Dot helped fundraiser for last year, it is very different to what Maryanne saw the last time she was here ( see photo with blog of the new kitchen). We then got shown the nursery and it was lovely seeing all the children learning and being inspired by their teachers, the all welcomed us with open arms and of course singning. Maryanne could see a massive improvement and development of the teaching that was going on, and she was also exceptional pleased that they had lots more books, and have even got a small lending library going on, which is something that her and Charlotte spoke about with Alice.
We briefly got shown where the new 0-2 nursery was going to go and have made plans with Alice to go shopping to find the right resources for the nursery.

Another tuc tuc ride and more meteors in the road and we reached the primary school with some very excited children to see us. We were introduced to the Head of the school and all had to sign the vistor book. He then took us personal round to each class from year 3 to year 8. These classrooms haven’t changed much since the last time Maryanne was here, they are still very cramped and dark, which we still find astonishing how the children can actually read what is in front of them. Never the less the children are still exceeding excellent grades and all of year 8 want to further their education and contiune with high school. They are all very passionate about the “life centre school” and all sang a school motto as we came into their classrooms.

We have returned to the hotel for an early dinner and much needed sleep!!