Feeling very overwhelmed by the generosity of our Yellow Dot parents

Charlotte and I went to Paul and  Shirley’s house to sort out our suitcase situation! A massive thank you to all our Yellow Dot Parents who have taken part in giving a little something for the children in Kenya, we were so overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you and cannot thank you enough, this is going to make a huge difference to the children and community of Kisumu!
Paul, Shirley, Jude, Charlotte and I counted up all the bits that you kindly donated, there is still more coming in, so I am sure this is not the final calculation…….here it goes so far……
Toothbrushes 165
Toothpaste 72
Paracetamol 52 boxes
Bicycle repair kits 18
Plasters 31 boxes
1 bandage
Vaseline 22 pots
Soap 11
Notepads 50
Sharpeners  22
6 large bags of pens and pencils
Pens and pencils on boxes 62
Coloured crayons 36 boxes
3 Maths sets
2 first aid boxes
4 Antiseptic cream
1 box of nurofen

We have also raised over £1000 so far for chickens,goats and school uniforms…….WOW, we are so grateful and cannot wait to share this good news with the families in Kisumu.

Charlotte and I leave on Tuesday and arrive in Kisumu on Wednesday, we are busy packing and getting very excited about our adventure.
Thank you for taking your time to read our blog.

Asante (thank you)