Day 1 part 2

We made our first visit to the Life Centre School this afternoon and met all the children. The primary school has now been located on the nursery site after the school on the slum being bulldozed by the Government. The head teacher Sos Peter showed us around all the classrooms and the children welcomed us with songs and showing is what they had been learning. All the classrooms were very proud of role play shops that they had set up and their nature corners where they were growing beans and maize. We talked about maybe the enhancement of role play and planting on future visits. The primary school were all sitting exams during our visit today and we were also shown exam papers for the children in final nursery class. They are all doing very well and we were surprised that they were doing exams at this age. We also looked at the 0-2 year old nursery but there were no children in it at the time. They all seem to go home early so we will return in the morning to see the children using the nursery. We have discussed a plan with Alice and James of what we would like to do with the children while we are here. We have a lot to fit in as they break up on Tuesday for a 2 week break. An early night is needed by us all tonight for a new day to start our activities tomorrow.