“Chocolate meat”

Arrived at the Day Care at snack time, which was a calm and welcoming environment, all the children were happy and enjoying their snack at the tables. This was lovely to see – it feels like we have already made an impact by observing and talking to Teacher Selvin, who is the teachers assistant. She is very on board with what we have to say and truly cares for all the children. She is passionate, is constantly engaged with the children and always has a big smile on her face!
Before lunch we asked if we could do boogie mites outside with the children. We gathered all the children under the big tree in the fresh air. The children absolutely loved boogie mites and picked up the “English Moves” quickly which made it very enjoyable for both us   and them. After enjoying taking pictures of us hosting our boogiemites session, James came over and was singing “yummy yummy yummy Chocolate meat!”, which of course made us giggle! (for those who don’t know, its chocolate cake!) This continued for half an hour until lunch was ready. We sat with the children during lunch hour in a calm and happy environment, as all children were sitting on chairs, eating at the table.

 We have noticed over the last few days that the children have to share 2 cups between the whole class after lunch for a drink of water. Today we decided to go to town and buy some necessary utensils for the Day Care and some materials for the uniform. We brought 54 cups, 5 jugs and then noticed some sippy cups for the younger children so we brought 12 of them. We also brought 100 silver tea spoons for the children to use during lunch times as at the moment, they use plastic spoons. Tomorrow we will be setting up the table with the silver spoons a jug in the middle of each table with a cup for each child – this is something we do at Yellow Dot and know it will be an even smoother transition and an enjoyable meal time for the Day care.