Chicken run

Today we had a last minute dash around. We went into town to buy all the pencils,rubbers and sharpeners for the nursery school, as we had promised! We also got 10 towels for the new 0-2 year old room, and our last purchase was 5 mosquito nets for James, Alice and the family.
The last couple of days we all couldn’t get the young girl, Milicent, out of our minds. If you  recall back to one of our previous blogs, her mother died last month and she has to look after her 5 siblings and we wanted to help her in some way, so we decided to buy her 2 chickens (Steph was very brave to share a car with 2 chickens), so they can get eggs and sell the baby chicks later on. We visited her house in the slums. She lives in a tiny shack, and has to sleep in the kitchen area with her 5 siblings which is approximately 8×6. She was very grateful for the chickens and had tears in her eyes.

We will continue later as our flight is leaving.

After this it was back to the hotel for last minute packing and our last thoughts about the trip with Paul, Shirley, Jude and Kathy. Then we were airport bound, 7 people, 2 cars and 13 very empty suitcases!!!!!

Maryanne, Steph and Carolyn would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone of you that followed the blog. We hope you enjoyed reading it and we apologise for all the spelling mistakes, lack of punctuation and the very long blog in the middle of it all!!!!!

We believe we have made a difference to the children of The Life Centre School and look forward too seeing what the future holds for them!!!! Looking forward too seeing the daycare all set up with the equipment that we purchased over there!!!!
Last of all we would like to wish all the pupils of class 8 good luck in their exams.

Thank you all once again for your kind generosity, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you all.