It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later

Today was our last day at the Life Centre School. We arrived with happy children all waving and calling out our names, their faces lit up with big smiles which makes us realise what a great bond we have built with them over the last 3 weeks. This morning we made our rounds to each class and said goodbye to all … Read More


Today was all about giving. We asked Alice and James a few weeks ago to identify a family that we could buy a goat and a chicken for. This is a gift to the family to help support them and give them milk and eggs for the future. We asked James and Alice if it could be a child from … Read More

Making the Magic

On arrival this morning we were very delighted to see the children already engaged in activities that were set out on each indivual table both inside and outside. We feel we have made a lot of progress with Teacher Selvin and Teacher Celin and this is proving to be consistent within the Day Care.During the morning we asked Peter (the … Read More

Making the difference

Over the last few days we have been working together with Teacher Selvin and Teacher Celin to understand the importance of routine and daily activities that are interesting and inviting for the children. We explained how we work in Yellow Dot by setting out provocations on the table for the children to explore and how we follow the children’s interests. … Read More

A day of progress

We arrived early for Day Care today to continue to role model setting up provocations. We were delighted to see the tables already outside with children sat around them all waving with huge grins when they saw us. It is such a warm feeling knowing we have made bonds with all the children and they get so excited when they … Read More

A busy day

Today we arrived at the school for 7.30 am to prepare the day care ready for the children’s arrival. When we arrived there were about 10 children inside already. We were greeted by all and then had a quick chat to the teacher about what the plan was for the day. We moved tables outside to set up a free … Read More

Water fun

Today we couldn’t wait for lunch time to produce our cups, sippy cups and jugs to the children that we bought yesterday. I honestly wish you could have seen their VERY happy faces when we explained that they will each have their own cup and meal times and they can pour themselves water throughout the day, the amazement and excitement … Read More

“Chocolate meat”

Arrived at the Day Care at snack time, which was a calm and welcoming environment, all the children were happy and enjoying their snack at the tables. This was lovely to see – it feels like we have already made an impact by observing and talking to Teacher Selvin, who is the teachers assistant. She is very on board with … Read More

A squash and a squeeze

Today we arrived at the school just after 8am again and went straight into Day Care to see what was going on. So far there were 15 children in with 1 teacher. Most of the children were sat down at empty tables, others on the mattresses on the floor. After about 10 minutes the teacher began getting some toys out … Read More

An eye opener day

Today we arrived at school just after 8am and the children were already in their classes working hard. We wanted to see how the day started and also, arriving earlier was much cooler for us! First we visited Day Care where the children are aged 1-4 years old. To begin with, there were 20 children but when we visited again … Read More

Meet and greet day

Today was another scourching day reaching tempertures of 35 degrees!We arrived at the school and went to the office to meet the Head Master of High School, acting Head Master of Primary and Head Mistress of Nursery – who we will be working closely with over the next few weeks.We then went to each class who welcomed us with a … Read More

Humble experience

After having a good nights rest, we woke up feeling fresh and excited to start our day.We arrived at the Church (which is situated at the school in one of the classrooms) and could hear the singing from outside, straight away it gave us goosebumps. We were greeted and made to feel very welcome and had front seats as we … Read More

Arrived Safely

Our journey started off with being over weight with our bags due to all the donations , we didnt want to leave anything behind and had to flutter our eyelids to ensure everything came – which it did! The flight from UK to Nairobi was a hot one, our air con above us did not work – we didnt get … Read More

Hayley’s reflection 2016

I feel so fortunate to have been selected to visit the life centre school in Kisumu, I have been truly inspired by the positive attitude of every adult and child I met whilst in the school. My personal highlight of the trip was teaching the adults how to make the play dough and seeing their enthusiasm and excitement of learning … Read More

My reflection on the trip to Kisumu. ‘A transforming trip’

There seems to be many things to reflect on after being part of such a great trip. As we arrived in Kisumu there was a different culture and lifestyle to take in to account, and indeed a different climate (very hot with a couple of thunderstorms thrown in!). We were shown great hospitality and welcome here. It was a privilege … Read More

Presentation day 2016

The school term ended yesterday so they had a presentation day at the school today. We arrived at the school at about 10.30 this morning and sorted out some prizes from the collections we had take over. Prizes were awarded for the top 3 pupils in each class. There are 11 classes in the school altogether so we had to … Read More

Shop shop shop

After spending time in the nursery and doing an audit on what they have and what they need we went shopping today. All the toys we bought for the nursery last year are still being used every day and the children love them so we thought it would be a good idea to get some more, especially as there are … Read More

Wow what a day!

Another busy day at the school started with counting up all the collections that were so generously donated by all our Yellow Dot parents and team. This is what we collected:-Toothbrushes 217Toothpaste 137Calpol 60 bottlesNappy cream 50Teething gels 13Colouring pens and pencils and chalks189packsColouring books 21Pencils 45 packsPencil sharpeners/rubbers/rulers 74Note pads 32Pens 12 packsStickers 10 packsOther medicines 11Soap and sponges … Read More

A cool day in Kisumu

This morning we started in the Yellow Dot Elite Nursery making sensory bottles with the children. There were all 7 children in today and they were all very keen to join in with making them. We were able to make 12 bottles with them with a variety of different materials from sticks, bells, Pom poms, buttons, tapioca, feathers and food … Read More

“You never let go”

There is no school for the children on a Sunday, however James does run his church from the school. We went along as guests this morning and wow what an experience. We noticed that lots of the children from the school attend the church and we were impressed with the singing and dancing that a group of the girls performed! … Read More

Hustle, bustle and bartering

Another great morning with the children in nursery today. We did more Boogie Mites with them and used the instruments this time. They were happy to share them and take turns. We did the songs a couple of times each to give them all the opportunity to join in. It was very good to see that most of them had … Read More

Dishing out the dough!

First job of the day was the Supermarket. James took us to the Metro and on the way he showed us the dump site where the school and nursery was started, and children were taken off the streets. At the supermarket we bought flour, salt, oil, food colouring, essence and cream of tarter. We also bought a bowl, spoon, cup … Read More

Day 1 part 2

We made our first visit to the Life Centre School this afternoon and met all the children. The primary school has now been located on the nursery site after the school on the slum being bulldozed by the Government. The head teacher Sos Peter showed us around all the classrooms and the children welcomed us with songs and showing is … Read More

Missed Flight but arrived safely

What a long and tiring journey we had to get here but we have arrived safe and sound. After an 8 hour flight from Heathrow to Nairobi we missed our connecting flight to Kisumu because we were sent to the wrong place in the airport and then the visas took a long time to wait for. After another 3 hour … Read More

Steph’s reflection. feeling very lucky.

WOW, I don’t even know where to start!!!! I was very privileged to return to Yellow Dot Otterbourne and have parents say that we are assets to Yellow Dot to be able to do something like this. They loved reading the blog, and followed us every day. One parent said the blog brought her to tears and another parent said … Read More

Carolyn’s reflections “counting my blessings”

I have a nice home, a job, a car and everything i need in life and i am able to feed and provide for my family, however, many in this world are not able to. This is what i saw in Kisumu. Many have very little and need help to survive. Children living on a rubbish dump scavaging for food … Read More

Chicken run

Today we had a last minute dash around. We went into town to buy all the pencils,rubbers and sharpeners for the nursery school, as we had promised! We also got 10 towels for the new 0-2 year old room, and our last purchase was 5 mosquito nets for James, Alice and the family.The last couple of days we all couldn’t … Read More

Teaching Kenyan style

Today we spent time in the classroom. As the school is closing tomorrow, the school is starting to shut down. We were lucky enough to spend time in the classrooms with the teachers and children to get a feel of what goes on in a typical day.We all spilt up and went to differnet classes. Maryanne went to Class 3 … Read More

Face painting marathon

The day started with more shopping for the nursery and school. We did a quick trip into town to buy material for the school uniforms. We worked out our budget and we were able to buy material for the uniforms much to Alice’s delight. The parents have to pay for uniform so this helps the school to be self sufficient … Read More

“Faith is the size of a seed”

We had another full day today. This morning we went to church. Alice was preaching when we arrived and a young girl called Margaret translated for us in English. Alice talked about how to believe in the lord and how if you believe you can do anything, Alice was very passionate about what she was preaching and had tears streaming … Read More

All shopped out

While waiting for the tuc tucs to arrive Shirley talked about how Yellow Dot came at the right time to help with the charity as their Chandlers Ford shop had just had to close due to a competitor in the area and how they had commited to help with the nursery. Shirley got a little emotional at this stage and … Read More

It’s all about giving

After 13 hours of sleep we feel much more alive, and ready to tackle today’s challenges.It was a slow start, due to “Kenyan time”, 2 tuc tuc’s, 1 big car was ordered to take all of our luggage to the school and us. Once we got to the nursery we unloaded our suitcases onto the “carpet” and looked at all … Read More

First day in Africa

13 bags, 7 hand luggage, 6 handbags and 1 manbag…… And we didn’t lose a single thing. After a very long journey we have arrived in Kisumu, we have not slept and are all feeling it now.We quickly put our bags away and had a quick change and freshen up and then we went to the nursery school and  primary … Read More

Steph’s thoughts

Passport-checkTickets-checkVaccination record-check I am still in shock that I am going and not sure it will sink in until I am Sat on the plane getting ready for take off ? As I sit here staring at my 2 big suitcases filled with stationary, toothpaste, toothbrushes, paracetamol, bicycle repair kits, sponges, flannels and shoes, I think to myself I still … Read More

Carolyn’s pre- trip thoughts

Hi everybodyI’m really excited to be going to Kenya and really looking forward to it. I’m sure i won’t sleep much tonight with excitement. It’s a great privilege to have been chosen to go and an experience i’m sure i will remember and recall for years to come.We have sorted lots of shoes and our suitcases are full with them … Read More

Maryanne’s thoughts and thanks

Wow, just reading the last blog that Charlotte and I did, it feels like yesterday we where there. Tomorrow we embark on this journey again, I have packed, unpacked and packed again. As I was sitting packing my heart felt so overwhelmed by the generosity of all then parents, children and staff, my 2 big suitcases are full to the … Read More

Maryanne’s reflection

As I sit here in my warm house, I stop to look around me and really start to notice how fortunate I am to have a home, to have every day life things, to have a fridge and cupboard fill of things that I can help myself to whenever I feel hunger…….every day life ticks by day to day without … Read More

Charlotte’s Reflection

As I sit here in the warmth of the Yellow Dot office and type this post it seems far away from the slums of Kisumu, Kenya. This morning I have had many lovely comments about our blog and the lovely photographs that Maryanne so expertly took, it felt so humbling that so many people wanted to be part of our … Read More

Bringing Yellow Dot to Kenya

We left the hotel this morning wearing our Yellow Dot T-shirts with pride!! We were going to put the Yellow Dot stamp on the nursery!! We acheived this tenfold. As we enter the nursery gates, the children run towards us, wanting to hold our hands and touch our skin. Now they are familiar with us and can remember our names … Read More

Faith, Chickens and goats

This morning was all about Faith and how the belief in God can get you through anything. This is what we saw from our visit to church. The singing sends out happiness and hope, making you feel joyous of life, even the toughest ones! As the congregation stand up and dance to the worship music, closing their eyes and looking … Read More

We are shopped out!

Today has all been about shopping, as I type this both of us are shattered. In Kenya you work very hard to negiotiate a price, as soon as they see a white person they treble the price. We took tips from Alice and Paul and in the end got some very good deals. We used our womanly charm! What we … Read More

Graduation Day

We are getting very used to travelling by tuc tuc, the bumpy roads seem to have now blended in with the smooth roads. We arrive at the nursery, but are not allowed to enter as preparations are still underway. Alice arrives on a motorbike, another common way of travelling around Kisumu, she tells that she is returning from the hospital … Read More

Getting into the heart of the slums

We had our second ride in a tuc tuc today, driving through the slums to the primary school. Outside the school we felt a little nervous and uneasy. This soon changed when we got inside the school, to enter we walked between 2 galvanised buildings into a small courtyard with 6 classrooms around the outside.  We had a your around … Read More

We have arrived

We have arrived safely and even got an extra tour round Nairobi airport!! We had 10 suitcases between the 5 of us, so a lot of luggage , mostly containing donations made by the wonderful Yellow Dot Parents! Charlotte and I are extremely tired after having no sleep for 24 hours, so we know we will sleep well tonight!We had … Read More

Feeling very overwhelmed by the generosity of our Yellow Dot parents

Charlotte and I went to Paul and  Shirley’s house to sort out our suitcase situation! A massive thank you to all our Yellow Dot Parents who have taken part in giving a little something for the children in Kenya, we were so overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you and cannot thank you enough, this is going to make … Read More

Our First Post!

Welcome to our blog! We hope that we can keep this updated during our visit so you can follow us on our adventure. Maryanne and I have been around all the nurseries to do a circle time in Kindergarten. We did some African dancing, sang an African nursery rhyme and shared some pictures of the nursery out in Kenya. We … Read More