Carolyn’s reflections “counting my blessings”

I have a nice home, a job, a car and everything i need in life and i am able to feed and provide for my family, however, many in this world are not able to. This is what i saw in Kisumu. Many have very little and need help to survive. Children living on a rubbish dump scavaging for food and things to sell to survive. Parents scrapping together money to educate their children as well as feed their families. This is where charities are needed. If it wasn’t for  C4C (Asante Coffee Shop) and the support of Yellow Dot Nursery the children at Life Centre School would not be where they are today. Now with the day care for 0-2 year olds opening soon they are educating children from 0-15 years old to hopefully have better lives in the future.
This trip really opened my eyes and as i said in my pre-trip thoughts really appreciate what i have. Never again will i moan about what i haven’t got. Just the home comforts that we have like a bed, fridge, cooker, washing machine, electricity that we take for granted they don’t have. The children have no toys. They play in the streets with their friends in the dirt. However, having said all the this all the people and children we met were very happy. They always had a smile on their face. They didn’t complain. This is where the different cultures come in. This is the way they are used to living and they don’t know any different.
It was really rewarding to part of this trip making a difference to their lives. To see their faces light up with a beaming smile when we took our gifts. To give a meal to a child which would be their only meal of the day and receive a big smile back from them. To experience the different culture, the sights, smells, sounds, heat and the shopping in the markets. To listen to the stories of their lives.
It certainly was an experience travelling around Kisumu. We travelled by tuc tuc and car. The roads are very busy, dusty and have hugh holes in them. Our little pot hole are nothing compared to the holes in their roads.
After budgeting very carefully and buying all we needed for the nursery it was really nice to have money left over. We were also able to buy material for uniforms, pencils, rubbers and sharpeners for the classrooms and mosquito nets for the beds. They were very grateful for this and it was lovely to see the gratitude on their faces.
This was an experience i wouldn’t have missed for the world. It was everything i thought it would be and more and i couldn’t have asked for nicer people to have shared it with than Maryanne, Steph, Paul, Shirley, kathy and Jude. You are such amazing caring people and i love you all .
Thank you to Yellow Dot for giving me this life changing opportunity.