Carolyn’s reflection for 2016 “Inspiring Potential in Kisumu”

What a wonderful opportunity I had to go back to Kisumu this year to see the difference that has been made. Last year we did lots of shopping to equip the day care nursery for 0-2 year olds but the building hadn’t been built yet for us to see it all set up. This year I could see it up and being used with all the equipment we bought in it. The beds and mattresses, the chairs, the toys and everything else we bought were there. The children were in the day care nursery and having a great time playing with the toys. They have named the day care YD1 and are all very proud to call it Yellow Dot Nursery.
It was great to spend more time in the nursery classrooms this year doing the activities with the children that we had taken over. All the children were very keen to join in with everything we did with them even the teachers were very enthusiastic to learn and join in. You could see the excitement in the children every time we arrived at the school which made me feel very overwhelmed at what I was doing and very proud of what we as Yellow Dot are doing for them.
Seeing the difference in a year I am confident in saying that Yellow Dot being involved is definitely making a difference to the children’s lives. Alice and James, the teachers, the parents and the children are all soo appreciative and grateful for what we do and they can’t thank us enough everyday. In church they all prayed for us which I must admit made me cry this year as i found it very emotional.
When the school on the slum was bulldozed last year by the government they didn’t let this stop them. If anything it made them stronger and more determined. They rebuilt the primary school on the nursery school site and carried on. Even with the set back the school still ranked in the top 3 for their grades in their region and only 1 child didn’t get the grades to go to High School. This is a brilliant achievement for the school.
I feel soo privileged to have been a part of this the past 2 years and will continue to support Yellow Dot in this very worth while cause that is now so dear to my heart.