Carolyn’s pre- trip thoughts

Hi everybody
I’m really excited to be going to Kenya and really looking forward to it. I’m sure i won’t sleep much tonight with excitement. It’s a great privilege to have been chosen to go and an experience i’m sure i will remember and recall for years to come.
We have sorted lots of shoes and our suitcases are full with them and other stationary and toiletries that have been very kindly donated by our Yellow Dot families and team members. Not much room left in the case for my own clothes but i’m sure i won’t need much. I’ve checked the temperature in Kisumu and its 28 degrees so just some shorts and t.shirts will do.
All my vaccinations have been done and there were a lot ? and malaria tablets all ready to start taking tomorrow.
This is going to be a life changing experience for me and i’m sure i will look at my own life differently when i get back and appreciate more what i have.
 Please keep reading our blog which we will be updating daily to let you all know what wonderful things we have been up to.

Thank you all