All shopped out

While waiting for the tuc tucs to arrive Shirley talked about how Yellow Dot came at the right time to help with the charity as their Chandlers Ford shop had just had to close due to a competitor in the area and how they had commited to help with the nursery. Shirley got a little emotional at this stage and wanted to thank Yellow Dot and all the parents for their support.
Today was a day of shopping with Alice. We travelling to the town centre and priced up the equipment needed in 3 different shops and bought whatever was cheaper. We were able to buy:
10 chairs
5 Potty’s
3 Buckets
12 Spoons
1 50ltr cooking pot
1 36ltr cooking pot
12 plates
12 Cups

10 Small Basins
5 Large Basins
1Water Station
4 Lidded Drinking Beakers ( thats all they had we will buy more later)
While all this was being loaded into the car a man came over and told us about how James had taken him in off the streets as a child and given him an education in the school. He spoke very good English
And shook hands with us all. This shows education is essential and this is what the charity is all about
We took it all back to the school and unloaded before travelling to the food market to buy rice and beans. This was an experience with lots of different smells and sounds. It was filled with locals selling anything and everything. We got a lot of attention being white and had a nice refreshing water melon while we were waiting.
After this we went to Mega City to do a shop for Alice and Jame’s house and to look at toys for the nursery. This was a bit more civilised. While they were doing their shop Carolyn, Maryanne and Steph had a look at the toys. We were able to buy rattles, mega blocks, stacking cups, stacking rings and story books.
Our journey back to the hotel was another experience. We travelled along the dual carriage way which nobody had a clue how to use. Cars, tuc tucs, motorbikes and people were travelling both ways up both sides and then the road ended and it was chaos.
We finally got back to the hotel in one piece and had lovely dip in the pool again to cool off.