A busy day

Today we arrived at the school for 7.30 am to prepare the day care ready for the children’s arrival. When we arrived there were about 10 children inside already. We were greeted by all and then had a quick chat to the teacher about what the plan was for the day. We moved tables outside to set up a free flow environment and laid out provocations on each table. We then encouraged the children to access all the activities choosing freely to play inside or outside. The children continued to arrive until 9am, all calm and happy, the parents greeted us and shook our hands (its the traditional way of greeting in Kenya). Although the children accessed the activities at the table they sat there until they were shown what to do, as this was a new experience for them. We placed out playdough, sensory bottles, colouring in items, scissors, hand gym for the older children for pre- writing skills, duplo and most importantly water play with different sized, shaped and textured sponges. There was lots for them to choose from but as this was new to them they would sit at one table for long periods of time until we encouraged and showed them that they can move around freely and independently gaining experience of all activities. After some time all children were happily moving around, it was a happy and stimulating environment for all.
We worked with Teacher Selvin and role modelled how children learn through play by talking about the colours, sorting, free drawing to develop skills, maths and for the younger children to explore more sensory activities.
We supported Teacher Selvin during transitioning stages so the children would understand and adapt to a routine. This included things like encouraging the children to tidy up, which they were very enthusiastic about and wanting to help with everything, getting ready for snack, washing hands using the new outside tap (which was funded by YD parents over the Christmas period, so thank you), and getting ready for lunch which was served in the classroom today rather than the children waiting for it outside the kitchen.
We noticed at the end of the session Teacher Selvin collecting all the things we brought and taking them to the office to be locked away. We asked why this was happening and she replied saying it would get stolen if it wasn’t locked away. After some thought we asked James and Alice to get a quote for putting in a lockable cupboard in the Day Care classroom so it would be easy access for Teacher Selvin and the children throughout the day, gaining more free play and children choices.

Reflecting on today we feel Teacher Selvin and the children in Day Care had a fun packed day filled with laughter, smiles and learning while playing. Teacher Selvin is an amazing teacher in Day Care, she cares so deeply for each individual child and is passionate about children. She takes everything we suggest and advise on board and is a fast learner. She truly inspires us every day and we wish we could bring her back with us to England!
We have another early rise tomorrow, but we are looking forward to what it will bring. Today has been inspiring for the both of us and we feel we are making an impact on the children’s learning and development.