It's great being a baby, everything is exciting and fun to explore. Every day is different and I am always greeted by the same smiling faces. I always feel at home and if I ever feel unsure a cuddle is always waiting for me. There's always something to do, we have lots of treasure baskets to explore, painting, squidging jelly and spaghetti! Being part of the baby room is lots of fun, I have lots of friends. I love singing and playing instruments, and going outside for walks.

The baby room team offers a mix of qualified team members, those training and those who have hands on experience gained by bringing up their own children, the team work closely together maximising their individual skills, nurturing the babies in their care. The team are emphatic about meeting the individual needs of the children at all times of the day. One of the main aims of the Nursery is to offer the children a home from home environment as well as ensuring there is a wide variety of planned activities on offer, to enhance and support the children's development. We utilise both the indoor and outside environment, so that, weather permitting the babies are regularly taken outside. The babies are cared for with great affection and skill allowing parents to be safe in the knowledge that their child will have had a secure and happy day in the Baby Room.

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Our daily routine


9.00 Arrival settling in / free play
9.00 Prepare for a walk - half group
Individual play, heuristic/treasure baskets - half group
9.30 - 9:40 Story / Song time / Snack time
10:15 Creative activities - generally one to one
11:00 - 11:10   Group play / outside play / walk - group 2
Individual play - heuristic/treasure baskets
11:30 - 11:40   Nappies*
11.45 Song time
12:00 - 1:00   Lunch time / End of morning session / Handing over time to parents  


1.00 - 1.40   Afternoon Babies arrive / Settling in time
1:40 Creative activities - generally one to one
2.20 Nappies*
2.30 Story time / Snack time
2.50 Outside play / walks
3.40 - 3:45   Nappies*
3.50 Singing time
4.00 Tea time
4.50 Quiet play / Group play / Handing over to parents
6.00 End of afternoon session